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MaskEze face masks are designed to fit around the nose and mouth when worn correctly. Wearing the MaskEze in addition to social distancing, and washing hands can add extra protection.


Product Description

Branded as MaskEze™, Univenture’s hygienic civil/community face mask is designed to offer features and benefits with the flexibility to be a platform of future hygienic innovations in a rapidly changing and explosive marketplace.

  • Ideal for government agencies, schools, universities, prisons, sports teams, and events
  • Low cost, environmentally friendly, recyclable as paper or biodegradable
  • Each mask offers adjustable sizing for optimal comfort
  • Various layer and treatments allow for enhanced applications and benefits
  • Hygienic, comfortable, disposable, low cost, breathable


Product Description

  • • Comfortable, Disposable
  • • Environmentally Friendly, Recyclable as Paper or Biodegradable
  • • Flexibility in design – Printable, Value Added Features, and Sizes
  • • Made from cellulose-based materials with a multitude of material options
  • • Layer and treatments versatility
  • • Size and performance flexibilities
  • • Hygienic Material
17681 Adjustable Large Fits 31-36 cm
17682 Adjustable Medium Fits 27-32 cm
17683 Adjustable Small Fits 23-28 cm


17684 Fixed Sizes XX Large Fits 36-38 cm
17685 Fixed Sizes X Large Fits 34-36 cm
17686 Fixed Sizes Large Fits 32-34 cm
17687 Fixed Sizes Medium Fits 30-32 cm
17688 Fixed Sizes Small Fits 28-30 cm
17689 Fixed Sizes X Small Fits 26-28 cm
17690 Fixed Sizes XX Small Fits 24-26 cm
17691 Fixed Sizes XXX Small Fits 22-24 cm

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  • Maskeze says:

    Test participants – June 2020

    “I really like how comfortable the MaskEze is.” – A.C.

    “It fits so much better than masks with elastic pulling on the ears.” – G.W.

    “This is the first mask I can wear for an extended time and it remains comfortable and very breathable.” – D.S.

Warning: This Product is a Civil Community Mask. This product is not a respirator and is not designed to provide protection against COVID-19 (Coronavirus) or other viruses or contaminants. The user is solely responsible for the selection of appropriate personal protective equipment for the setting and application. Designed for single-use, replace as needed.

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