Designed as a comfortable, affordable, and environmentally friendly face mask, MaskEze™ fulfills much-needed market for retail, business and industrial, and community and public events applications. patent-pending MaskEze™ face mask is invented and made in the USA. MaskEze™ is made from biodegradable renewable plant material using high speed, fully automated production, and packaging processes to manufacture almost 1,000 ppm. This face mask is designed to meet the needs of a rapidly growing and explosive marketplace by offering flexibility and customization.

MaskEze™ is manufactured as a new consumer goods product. Custom options such as print, sizing (“on the go”, bulk and home/office) and value-add features are also available. A flexible variety of packaging options makes it ideal for retailers, point of purchase, and business applications.

Overview of MaskEze™ from a manufacturing point of view:

  • standard and versatile off the shelf production equipment produce nearly 1,000 ppm
  • flexibility in design – customizable with print, various product sizing, and value add features
  • high speed, fully automated production and packaging
  • made with hygienic Eco-Friendly materials

Overview of MaskEze™ from a product distributor or retailer point of view:

  • flexibility and variety of packaging options (home & office, “on the go”, and bulk quantities)
  • ideally suited for point of purchase offering
  • new and permanent consumer goods product offering for the household and personal care aisle (tissue, toilet paper, hygienic products)


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